Luxury Countertop Stand for Face Roller - Stainless Steel
Luxury Countertop Stand for Face Roller - Stainless Steel
Luxury Countertop Stand for Face Roller - Stainless Steel
Luxury Countertop Stand for Face Roller - Stainless Steel
Luxury Countertop Stand for Face Roller - Stainless Steel

Luxury Countertop Stand for Face Roller - Stainless Steel

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Are you tired of dealing with constantly broken Jade Rollers?

Are you simply looking for a way to display your Jade and Rose Quartz Facial Roller and start fighting anti-aging like a pro?

Well, this luxury stainless steel countertop stand for Jade roller is your perfect choice!

Made from superior rich material this countertop is absolutely gorgeous and trendy giving you an amazing sparkle that illuminates and brings life to your makeup table.

Its remarkably portable, durable and does not corrode easily hence,

You can be assured that the stand holder countertop container is here to stay!

What’s more the Unique round shape and hidden mounting screws add that fashionable modern element for your room décor while the chamfering edges protect your body from scratching.

It’s simply undeniable that the elegant finishing of this luxury stainless steel stand creates a simple but unique look that keeps you motivated all day long and provides a perfect addition to your meditation.


Because we know just how important your beauty tools are to you, we have gone out of our way to ensure they stand out with this display mount jade roller rose quartz face roller.

Our specially designed rollers come enclosed in an elegant storage with a small map to always be a reminder of beauty with class, and are made with the highest quality materials that are last long enough to simply give your dressing table an appearance effect that is purely glamourous.

Here is what makes the Countertop Stand for Jade Roller your Best Choice:


  • Made from quality stainless steel material
  • It’s portable, long-lasting and stain resistant
  • It provides elegance to your dressing table
  • Includes the stand and small map to put under

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Most practitioners use vodka, lemon juice, alcohol, soap and water. At home, the facial roller is cleaned with a soft, damp, vegan cloth and dried with an absorbent towel.

Make sure the roller is completely dry before putting it away. Do not expose the jade to harsh chemicals. Avoid corrosion. Natural disinfectants are encouraged in spa usage.  If roller squeaks, drop a non-comedogenic oil where the jade meets the metal.