About Us

Beauty comes from the inside out, feeling good goes hand in hand with looking your best. Beauty & Wishes was born out of our passion for wellbeing, and that constant search for the best integral practices to improve quality of life. 

During our journey, we were looking into ancient beauty practices of the eastern world and we came across the magic of gemstone-made facial rollers and a flat crystal called Gua Sha Both tools are usually crafted from rose quartz or jade and have been used for centuries by Chinese women of the elite to massage their skin. 

The flat stone called Gua Sha which means “scraping” in Chinese is a practice in which the user takes the flat crystal and, using pressure, pulls it across the skin to promote blood circulation, drain the lymphatic system and release the tension accumulated in the facial and neck muscles. 

Similarly, the facial roller applies gentle pressure on the skin as the practitioner rolls the instrument from the center of the face in upward and outward motions. Both tools help mobilize stagnant energy known as chi, which helps heal the organism from the inside out. 

When your facial muscles and skin receive this stimulation, the symptoms of chronic pain which are usually associated with inflammation are diminished and may even disappear completely. As a result, the skin begins to show signs of improvement and radiance. 

This ancient and simple, yet revolutionary tools appealed to us because it’s not about just getting superficial aesthetic improvements for the sake of conventional beauty standards. It’s a non-invasive approach that can improve wellbeing while enjoying a pleasant ritual of self-care. 

For this reason, we felt the need to craft an amazing tool of luxurious quality that could be available to women everywhere in the world. So we researched the market extensively and sought crystals of the highest standards, hailing all the way from Brazil, to construct a fine beauty instrument that could deliver all of the benefits of Gua Sha. A tool that not only guarantees results but that in itself is beautifully crafted and will last for years to come. 

But beyond crafting a beauty tool to help women's wellbeing, we also believe in giving back so we can support others in a meaningful way. For this reason, with every purchase you make we are donating $1 to help improve the lives of women, children, and communities around the world. 

Join us and our movement by purchasing today and sharing why you love to spread wellbeing to others in need. Use the #beautyandwishes on your social account